June 13, 2017

Synergy Team Awards- 15 Calcium

We are excited to recognize the following members of Synergy 15 Calcium for their contributions to their team this year!  A list of all announced award recipients can be found here.

MVP- Maureen Hammond

Maureen’s overall contributions to the team exceeded everyone else.  Her serve and arm swing improved from wild to consistent and effective.  She was the top passer, defender and attacker on the team.  She was also the best and loudest communicator, allowing her to take control of the court to keeps things calm for everyone.  On defense, she covered her own area plus much more of the court.  Maureen is always positive and encouraging her teammates while remaining coachable herself.  She is always willing to try to improve her skills.

Most Improved- Alyssa Remington

Alyssa made great progress with her arm swing, allowing her to attack the ball more consistently.  She also made significant improvements in her passing form and defensive positioning.  Her ball control (primarily learning to create an angle) improved drastically throughout the season.  She was very consistent in getting good touches on the ball.