June 14, 2017

Synergy Team Awards- 14 Storm

We are excited to recognize the following members of Synergy 14 Storm for their contributions to their team this year!  A list of all announced award recipients can be found here.

MVPs- Clarke Gilmore & Julianna McNamee

Clarke was a significant part of our 14s team this year. From day one Clarke proved herself a very strong leader. She has a high court awareness which meant she was able to help the girls with rotations during matches. We were able to play Clarke front and back row with high confidence. Win or lose she always wanted to be the player to make the match point play. As the year went on her skill level continued to rise. I am very confident that she will continue to grow into a strong threat on the court due to her work ethic and competitive attitude. We were very lucky to have Clarke a part of our team and I'm excited to see her continued growth! 

Julie was a big part of our team's success this year. Her knowledge of the game is very high for a fourteen-year-old. Throughout the year she was our outside hitter and our libero. When one of our players fell sick with the flu during a tournament Julie stepped in as our starting setter. She had about 5 mins to work on setting before our match started. She took on the role with a very positive attitude and helped us remain undefeated for the day! Not every team is lucky enough to have a player like Julie. She is very competitive while remaining humble and selfless. I truly hope Julie sticks with volleyball because the sport comes naturally to her. 

Most Improved- Maddie Bernabeo

Maddie is one of those players that brings the same attitude to every practice. She was always ready to learn and grow and accept constructive criticisms. She is an immensely hard worker and an awesome teammate. It's these qualities that allowed her to improve so drastically over such a short time period. By the end of the season Maddie knew how to play all three back row positions. We were able to put her anywhere in the back row with extreme confidence that she would get the job done. She started off a little shy on the court and ended up being a strong leader with a very positive attitude on and off the court.  We were very lucky to coach Maddie and are both very proud of how much she grew as a player!