June 17, 2017

Synergy Team Awards- 14 Thunder

Congratulations to the following members of Synergy 14 Thunder who have been recognized for their contributions to their team this season!  Click here for a full list of award recipients.

MVP- Megan Mackey

Megan is talented, athletic, knowledgeable of the game, and possesses a game-time instinct.  In tournaments, she could be counted on to take an aggressive swing at every ball.  Her teammates would feed off of her intense energy and ready-to-play mentality.  She also handled tough situations maturely and used good judgment on and off the court.  Not only was she talented, but she was inclusive with her teammates.  She made every girl feel welcome to the conversation and never put anyone down.  This attitude was important for this kind of team, as the talent level tended to polarize the girls.  Megan consistently made an effort to close that gap.  We are proud of her improvements as a player and as a teammate, as that balance is integral to success in volleyball and in life. 

Most Improved- Madison Wilkins

Madison has showed drastic improvement through the 2017 Synergy Club season. She was a quick learner and handled every new challenge with a great attitude, which definitely helped her when learning new skills. She quickly picked up on the nuisances associated with the "Libero" position, which can be one of the most confusing positions on the court. Her passing skills greatly improved, to the point where she was one of the best passers on the team by the end of the season. Not only did she handle her successes with great poise, but she always maturely handled mistakes. She treated each dropped ball as a learning opportunity, and as coaches that's all we can ask for. We see a bright future ahead of Madison in the sport, and beyond and wish her all the best in high school!