2017 Team Awards

National Teams

18 Kryptonite

MVP- Allie DeAbreu

Allie has been the center point of a team that was extremely successful this year from the beginning to the end. Her leadership on and off the court kept everyone organized, optimized the personnel she had in very effective ways, and was dedicated to making every player around her better. Allie showed a tremendous amount of dedication to the team and brought a lot of consistency by being at every tournament starting at MLK all the way to AAU's in Orlando.

Most Improved- Julia McDowell

Julia came in as a player with an uncertain role as a right side or middle that was more unpolished than most of the rest of her teammates. However, given her dedication and constant effort, Julia's hitting and blocking improved leaps and bounds throughout the season. At the end of the season, Julia was an extremely important player both at right side and middle. 

17 Uranium

MVP- Rose Mullen

Rose was always there to steady the ship as our setter.  All of the hitters improved a lot through the season which is a testament to Rose’s setting abilities.  Rose was able to put up a hittable ball even when our passers were struggling with the first contact.  While being undersized, Rose effectively ran a 5-1 offense as a six-rotation player who was able to put up a solid block and play tremendous defense.

Rose was always willing to push herself and change her technique to improve as a player.  The speed of our offense became faster and faster as the season progressed which also shows how much Rose improved her control of set tempo and location.  Without Rose, the team would not have had as much success this season.

Most Improved- Kira McDevitt

Kira came into the season as the third defensive specialist on the team.  By the end of the season, she played an integral part in the team’s success, often starting matches and being the first server for the team.  Kira developed an effective jump float serve that scored a lot of points with minimal errors.  Kira also made excellent defensive plays while playing in both middle and right back.  Her serve receive improved immensely as she worked on her technique and communication.

Kira’s hard work and determination truly shined throughout the season.  She was a totally different player at the end than she was at the beginning.  It was a pleasure to watch her grow and succeed this year.

16 Plutonium

MVPs- Danielle Chung and Gianna Napoleon

This season, Dani truly showed herself to be a standout athlete and became the work horse of our team.  She was heavily relied upon in both the front row and back row as a six-rotation outside hitter. While there were some ups and downs, she toughed out the difficult times and always played for her teammates.  Her athleticism and knowledge of the game were an unmatched consistency that the team could always count on in tight situations.  She was a leader from day one and always took the time to make sure any and all players (including the many new ones we had) felt like a part of the group. 
Gianna was an offensive force out of the middle that we could not have won many games without!  When she got going there was no stopping her.  Gianna was a true leader to this team through example.  If she was on fire the rest of the team got so excited and the enthusiasm and drive carried on from there. Gianna stepped into a larger role with the team this year by being a key server for us in games.  This led to her tremendous progress playing defense!  Her contribution in the back row defensively during serving was guaranteed to make everyone cheer.

Most Improved- Karina Plohoros

Karina joined the team a few weeks late this season and had to make some adjustments to pace, coaching techniques and volleyball I.Q. As she finally became comfortable with the changes she truly blossomed as a player. She could always be counted on to contribute to the team on and off the bench.  Her positive attitude while on the bench was sure to lift anyone’s spirit and her growth on the court was incredibly exciting to watch.  Karina was always eager to learn more ways to become a better player and a coach couldn't ask for anything more!

14 Hurricane

MVP- Jada Peoples

Jada stepped up for her teammates by playing two positions, neither of which was her ideal one.  Jada played both setter and middle hitter in a unique offense.  Her natural athletic abilities will never be questioned and will serve her well in all the sports she chooses to play in the future.  Never did a tournament go by in which an opposing coach make a comment about Jada’s skillset.  It was an absolute joy watching Jada “put the pieces together” and become an offensive force in the middle.  Jada also showed a natural ability to set, often times making one-handed jump sets on tight passes.  Jada is a coach’s dream as an athlete and competitor and we are excited to see her continue to grow.

Most Improved- Megan Prendergast

Meg caught our eye at tryouts due to her speed and hustle.  Meg worked tirelessly throughout the season to improve her technique in serve receive and defense.  She was never careless and was always determined to improve.  Nobody would ever question Meg’s commitment.  Her physical and emotional dedication to the game will benefit her teammates for years to come.  She has also shown the mental ability to develop a strong volleyball IQ that is necessary to become a successful libero.  We had fun watching Meg grow into her position and we look forward to watching her in the future.  Any coach would be lucky to have a player like Meg on their team.

Travel/Regional Team

18 Argon

MVPs- Cheyenne Agrio & Ashley Newman

Cheyenne consistently showed up to play on tournament days. Cheyenne had the ball control to take anything she was set and make it better. She started as an Outside Hitter on the team and worked her way into a backrow position because of how quickly she moved to the ball. She would often be seen hustling and diving to get to balls that most would not be able to get to. Cheyenne also had a very consistent serve that could always be counted on to bring us back in the game if we were down, or build us a good lead if we were ahead. Overall Cheyenne was one of the most consistent players on the team and is easily a choice for team MVP.
Ashley is another player who deserves the title "MVP." Ashley was thrown into a lot of different roles the past two years and never once complained. She ended up being the team libero for tournaments and anchored our defense solidly. She is so reliable that it was easy to let her control the back row on the court. Ashley has a natural defensive posture which allowed her to pass balls in serve receive and play defense with ease. Ashley also had a very consistent jump serve that I was confident in if the game was close. Ashley deserves the title MVP because she is one of the hardest workers on the team and showed up to every practice and tournament with an, "I want to win" attitude. 
Most Improved- Kiki Maynard & Lacey Powers
Kiki is a two-year player for Synergy and since she came to Synergy as a 17-year-old, she has become such a dominant player. This year specifically, Kiki's blocking has come around to be a force for the team on defense. She really got the timing and hand placement to be able to put up a solid block against any team we faced. This made the backrow players’ jobs much easier. Kiki also learned to hit different spots on the court consistently to earn her team points. As a middle, Kiki went in and did her job every time she was on the court. Kiki also became the "serving middle" this year which allowed her to stay on the court for an extra rotation and use her serve to score more points for the team. Overall, I can say that I have never seen a player improve as much as Kiki has in two years. She is now looking forward to starting her college season at West Chester this fall which is something that she would not have expected from herself at the beginning of the year!
Lacey is another player who has improved immensely since the beginning of the year. Lacey came in as a Defensive Specialist for our team, at only 17 years old. This never got in the way of Lacey becoming the player she is today. When she came in, Lacey was a bit shy and timid while playing next to some of the girls. Throughout the season, I have seen Lacey grow into a leader in the back row. She has also gotten much more aggressive and will not hesitate to step in and take a ball that others may hesitate to take. Lacey is another player who has gotten so much more consistent with her serve. Toward the end of the year, Lacey would consistently ace other teams with a short serve that she developed. I am really excited for Lacey to get back to high school so her coach can see how much she has improved!

17 Mercury

MVP- Bridget McTamney

To our amazing setter. If it wasn't for her we wouldn't have been able to successfully get through some of our games. You never gave up on anyone even when you were chasing balls down left and right. You always had a positive attitude. The amount of stress out team went through this season with illnesses, injuries, and confusion with some tournaments never let you give up on the coaches or the team! Thank you for just being you! 

Most Improved- Serena Salenga

Serena went from thinking she was only a DS to becoming an outside hitter who wasn't sure she could do it. In the beginning of the season we tried to put her on the right side but she was very nervous and insisted she couldn't do it. By midway through the season we insisted again she hit right side and she killed it! Serena hands down was one of our most improved players. Her confidence grew right before our eyes. 

16 Hydrogen

MVP- Talia Morris

Talia was always a team player and always gave her all in practice and games. She was our go to hitter and played both outside and middle. She was very versatile and always had an open mind no matter what position we put her in. Talia was always eager to get better, and was always a team player!

Most Improved- Melanie Collingwood

Mel improved her volleyball IQ along with her physical volleyball performance all season long. She always kept a positive mindset and always listened to all of the feedback from her coaches and teammates. She always gave 100% effort in practice and in games. From beginning to the end of the season her volleyball skills improved tremendously and she was always willing to do more to get better!

16 Nitrogen

MVP- Yazmyn Stewart

Yazmyn is an outside hitter who had to be the setter for our team.  Even though this wasn’t her position she stuck with it and had a positive attitude!  She also played weak side hitter at times showing she was willing to do whatever it takes to help the team.

Most Improved- EVERYONE!

Everyone showed drastic improvement throughout the season which can be highlighted with our appearance in the Silver Bracket finals of our last tournament!

16 Helium

MVP- Jovanne Li

Jovanne is a player that can get our team a point when needed. Jovanne is well-rounded and can block well, serve effectively and play defense.

Most Improved- Emily Bernier

Emily learned how to run and offense and set different types of sets.  She also learned how to serve short and deep.  Emily also developed a winning attitude and helped lead the team.  She is a very strong competitor that never gives up.  She always tries to chase the ball down and keep the play alive.

15 Silicon

MVPs- Hannah Martinson & Dayna Thomas

Hannah and Dayna did a great job of running the team’s offense as the setters.  They were able to put up hittable balls even when the passing wasn’t great.  Both girls were very vocal leaders for our team that helped persevere through tough stretches.  The team would not have had as much success without Hannah and Dayna.

Most Improved- Colby Yoh

Colby showed a ton of improvement as a hitter and blocker.  At times, she was a force at the net that would score a lot of points for the team.  Colby gained a lot of consistency throughout the year by working hard at practice.  She was very coachable and always willing to learn and improve.

15 Zinc

MVP- The entire team!

15 Zinc did not have a MVP. The team itself was the MVP. They played Iron Man volleyball all season long- never having more than 7 players at any given tournament and never having to forfeit a match due to injuries, illness, or some other unforeseen circumstance. My Magnificent 7 as I call them were all MVP's. Through better and worse they all stuck together, never giving up on each other, which made them truly all MVP's in my eyes.

Most Improved- Taylor Root & Emily Brach

When Taylor first walked into the gym she could not serve the ball to the 10'-line overhand. With hard work and dedication, Taylor managed to become my first and most consistent server. She usually gave us a nice lead to start the game. In the beginning of the season our team needed a setter. Taylor volunteered, not knowing what her responsibilities were going to be. She hadn't ever set before and we asked her to run a 5-1 system- a tall task. Again, with hard work and dedication she became our floor general and did an amazing job. Taylor was such a pleasure to coach. 
Emily Brach has also improved tremendously. I started coaching Emily 2 years ago at Synergy. This year Emily really bloomed into an all-around player. She started out as my Libero only playing 3 rotations in the back row, but by the end of the season Emily was my outside hitter and most consistent all-around player. Emily's passing and serving has also gotten better, making us a much tougher team in the end. 15 Zinc went on a 4-game winning streak in our last tournament to end the year with Emily serving 8 straight points to bring us back from being down 16-24. We ended up winning the game 28-26.

15 Calcium

MVP- Maureen Hammond

Maureen’s overall contributions to the team exceeded everyone else.  Her serve and arm swing improved from wild to consistent and effective.  She was the top passer, defender and attacker on the team.  She was also the best and loudest communicator, allowing her to take control of the court to keeps things calm for everyone.  On defense, she covered her own area plus much more of the court.  Maureen is always positive and encouraging her teammates while remaining coachable herself.  She is always willing to try to improve her skills.

Most Improved- Alyssa Remington

Alyssa made great progress with her arm swing, allowing her to attack the ball more consistently.  She also made significant improvements in her passing form and defensive positioning.  Her ball control (primarily learning to create an angle) improved drastically throughout the season.  She was very consistent in getting good touches on the ball.

14 Storm

MVPs- Clarke Gilmore & Julianna McNamee

Clarke was a significant part of our 14s team this year. From day one Clarke proved herself a very strong leader. She has a high court awareness which meant she was able to help the girls with rotations during matches. We were able to play Clarke front and back row with high confidence. Win or lose she always wanted to be the player to make the match point play. As the year went on her skill level continued to rise. I am very confident that she will continue to grow into a strong threat on the court due to her work ethic and competitive attitude. We were very lucky to have Clarke a part of our team and I'm excited to see her continued growth! 

Julie was a big part of our team's success this year. Her knowledge of the game is very high for a fourteen-year-old. Throughout the year she was our outside hitter and our libero. When one of our players fell sick with the flu during a tournament Julie stepped in as our starting setter. She had about 5 mins to work on setting before our match started. She took on the role with a very positive attitude and helped us remain undefeated for the day! Not every team is lucky enough to have a player like Julie. She is very competitive while remaining humble and selfless. I truly hope Julie sticks with volleyball because the sport comes naturally to her. 

Most Improved- Maddie Bernabeo

Maddie is one of those players that brings the same attitude to every practice. She was always ready to learn and grow and accept constructive criticisms. She is an immensely hard worker and an awesome teammate. It's these qualities that allowed her to improve so drastically over such a short time period. By the end of the season Maddie knew how to play all three back row positions. We were able to put her anywhere in the back row with extreme confidence that she would get the job done. She started off a little shy on the court and ended up being a strong leader with a very positive attitude on and off the court.  We were very lucky to coach Maddie and are both very proud of how much she grew as a player! 

14 Thunder

​​​MVP- Megan Mackey

Megan is talented, athletic, knowledgeable of the game, and possesses a game-time instinct.  In tournaments, she could be counted on to take an aggressive swing at every ball.  Her teammates would feed off of her intense energy and ready-to-play mentality.  She also handled tough situations maturely and used good judgment on and off the court.  Not only was she talented, but she was inclusive with her teammates.  She made every girl feel welcome to the conversation and never put anyone down.  This attitude was important for this kind of team, as the talent level tended to polarize the girls.  Megan consistently made an effort to close that gap.  We are proud of her improvements as a player and as a teammate, as that balance is integral to success in volleyball and in life. 

Most Improved- Madison Wilkins

Madison has showed drastic improvement through the 2017 Synergy Club season. She was a quick learner and handled every new challenge with a great attitude, which definitely helped her when learning new skills. She quickly picked up on the nuisances associated with the "Libero" position, which can be one of the most confusing positions on the court. Her passing skills greatly improved, to the point where she was one of the best passers on the team by the end of the season. Not only did she handle her successes with great poise, but she always maturely handled mistakes. She treated each dropped ball as a learning opportunity, and as coaches that's all we can ask for. We see a bright future ahead of Madison in the sport, and beyond and wish her all the best in high school!

13 Monsoon

MVP- The Entire Team!

All the players on the 13's Monsoon are considered to be the Most Valuable.  Our training philosophy this season was to not only develop individual players, but for them to learn to function together as a team, win or lose.  They made great strides this season as a team.

Most Improved- Jane DiMassimo

While all players improved throughout the season, Jane made the most significant improvements in all skills. She approached practice with a positive attitude and always gave it 100% each time.  She was able to quickly absorb the training techniques and apply them. She also supported her teammates both on and off the court.