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Fall Doubles Program


This is the SECOND year we are running this program and last year we were filled to capacity. 

Program start date: October 29 and go until November 28th

Practices: Mondays and Wednesday’s 5:30-7:00pm.

This is a perfect time between high school ball and the start of club to get into the gym and get plenty of touches to stay ready for tryouts and the 2019 club season.

A few questions to get you into the doubles spirit:

  • Why practice doubles when my daughter or son plays traditional sixes? 
  • Doubles is an all around game. It forces the players to work on every skill set. This gives you a chance to work on skills you might not have had the chance to work on in sixes as well as tone up the skills you practice all the time. Every player has to pass, serve, set, hit, block and play defense. 
  • My daughter or son is a [insert a specific position here] why do they need to work on other skills? 
  • Volleyball is not about being good at one specific thing. The best players know how to do their position and other positions well. High school and college coaches are looking for players that are very dynamic and doubles will force that out of every player. 
  • What will the practices entail?
  • Each practice we will spend half of the time doing skill and drill work. Our doubles coaches have dozens of drills for each skill set in doubles. The other half of the practice will be devoted to playing and putting our drill work into action. Doubles is all about learning as you go and getting straight into the action is the best way to grow as a player. 
  • Who will be running the program? 
  • The main coach in charge of all things doubles is Cassie Kleespies. Cassie has won over 25 open leveled doubles tournaments since summer 2014 including the biggest grass tournament in the country, The 2018 Pottstown Rumble. Cassie’s full bio under coaches. The program will also be supplemented with other doubles players/coaches depending on the amount of girls/boys that are signed up. 

What does the program include? ​​​​​​​

Cost : $200.00

10 practices throughout the 5 weeks

Doubles tournament Saturday December 1st ( cost is included )

Fall Doubles t-shirt

The practices and tournament are not all mandatory so if there are conflicts that is no problem! However, to get the ultimate learning experience we suggest attending all that you can!


Our goal at synergy is to grow our player’s all around game and doubles is the way to do it! We will be accepting cash, check, or credit card the day the program starts.

We will also have an online payment process.

Any further questions as well as placing a spot for your son or daughter:

Please email Cassie at 

Cassie and Kenzie Kleespies in a Doubles Tournament