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At Synergy, we realize how important it is to do more than just teach the game of volleyball.  Contrary to what many clubs would have you believe, there is more to life, and our game, than just learning how to play well.  We also know that players come to us primarily to become better players, so we've committed ourselves to learning the best way to achieve that goal.

Our coaches are all Impact Certified by USAV, and we have extensive training and varied experiences that we share with each other to continue to elevate our own skills and deliver the best training available.  

As a result, we've learned to teach first, then train athletes to perform at the highest level possible. Our approach is based upon proven concepts that develop talent, rather than hoping to have it just walk in our door.  

Our teams are trained to succeed regardless of the skills they initially bring to the table.  We don't rely upon a one-size-fits-all system that breaks down when individuals, or a team doesn't fit the system. Instead, we take the time to get to know our players, analyze our team talents and dynamics, then develop a plan that is fitted specifically to them.  We train teams to play with confidence and enthusiasm by emphasizing and rewarding effort, instead of outcomes.  Ultimately, we know this creates players who are passionate about working harder and daring to fail, rather than playing it safe, accepting their limitations, or becoming complacent. 

If you are interested in individual training, our coaches will work with you to set goals and develop a realistic plan to achieve them.  We embrace the use of video to break down skills, so that athletes can actually see what they need to correct and know when they have progressed.  We push players to a level where they are failing at least 20% of the time, because that's when they're learning the most!  We don't train to look good in drills. We train to perform when it matters most... Game Time!  

To see a list of coaches who offer private lessons.  Please CLICK HERE.